Name : A Challenge against the decision of freezing the assets of a citizen whom is accused of belonging to Muslim brotherhood group (74063/68)

The claim was filed against: The minister of justice,  The first assistant to the minister of justice and head of the formed committee to manage the funds of Muslim Brotherhood members.

The contested decision:The decision rendered by the Committee formed by the minister of justice to freeze  the assets of Muslim Brotherhood members no.7995/2013 Urgent Matters Court.

The ruling:The court suspended executing the decision.

Case no. : 74063 for judicial year 68
Year : 2014
Litigant : Ziad Abdel_Gawad Moustafa Al-Tabei' ، Capacity :Contester

Verdict of administrative judiciary

Date :21 January, 2018
President :Yehia Ahmed Raheb Daqroury
Abdel-Meguid Ahmed Hasan Al-Moqannen
Mohamed Abd-al-Fattah Abbas Al-Qorashy