Name : Challenge The Interior Ministry Decree 156/1964 ,that permits the use of live ammunition to disperse peaceful demonstrations (9544/66)

Case no. : 9554/66
Year : 2013
Litigant : Malek Moustafa Mohamed Abdel-Rahim, Fatma Farouq Mohamed Abed and interfering claimants (Farouq Ibrahim Hussein Ibrahim -Magdy Hasan Hosni Mohamed, Ahmed Mohamed Ali EL-Balassy, Salma Saied Abdel-Fattah) ، Capacity :Contesters

Verdict of administrative judiciary

Date :26 March, 2013
President :
Sami Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Darwish
Abdel-Meguid Ahmed Hasan Al-Moqannen

The Case was filed against: the Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) in his capacity, The prime minister in his capacity, The interior minister in his capacity.

The contested decision:The Interior Ministry Decree 156/1964 ,that permits the use of live ammunition and weapons and their refusal to issue a decree limiting security engagement with peaceful sit-ins and protests to water hoses and banning the dispersion of demonstrations with live ammunition, rubber bullets, birdshot, tear gas or any other weapons that endanger the lives of Egyptians.

The decision: The Administrative Court ruled, the acceptance of the lawsuit in form concerning revoking and abolishing the ministerial decree and referring the case file to the supreme constitutional court to adjudicate article 102 of Police Authority Law promulgated by presidential decree 109/1971 and article (1/3rd) & article (2) of The interior minister decree 156/1964 permitting the use of firearms and live ammunition to disperse demonstrations and sit-ins