Name : A Challenge against the decision of freezing the assets of a citizen whom is accused of belonging to Muslim brotherhood group (68094/68)


The claim was filed against: The president of Egypt, The prime minister, The interior minister, The public prosecutor, The first assistant to the minister of justices and head of the formed committee to manage the funds of Muslim Brotherhood members, The minister of justice and head of  Notary Public, head of Ismailiya branch of Notary Public, The Central Bank governor, Chairman of the board of directors of Banque Misr,  Chairman of the board of directors of Suez Canal bank.

The contested decision:The decision rendered by the Committee formed by the minister of justice to freeze  the assets of Muslim Brotherhood members no.7995/2013 Urgent Matters Court.

The ruling:The court suspended executing the decision.

Case no. : 68094 for judicial year 68
Year : 2014
Litigant : Ahmed Mohamed Husseiny El-laban ، Capacity :Contester

Verdict of administrative judiciary

Date :16 December, 2014
President :Abdel-Meguid Ahmed Hasan Al-Moqannen
Ahmed Soliman Mohamed Soliman
Mohamed Hazem El-Bahnassy Mansour