Name : A Challenge against the decision of forming the Constituent Assembly to draft 2012 Constitution of People’s assembly and Shura council members (26657/66)

The Case was filed against:The speaker of People’s Assembly, The speaker of Shura council, The minister of People’s Assembly And Shura council affairs.

The contested decision: The decision rendered by non-appointed members of Shura council and People’s Assembly according to provisions of Article 6 of the constitutional declaration.

The ruling:The suspension of executing the contested decision including it’s effects, and oblige respondent no.1 & no. 2 to pay the expenses.

Case no. : 26657 for judicial year 66
Year : 2012
Litigant : Shehata Mohamed Shehata and interfering litigants (Khaled Ali Omar, Al-Sayed Alaa El-din, Nabil Gabriel, Moustafa El-Maraghy, Wafaa Abdel-Salam Mohamed Al-Masry, Maged Gamal Gad Ali, Sameh Ashour, Mohamed Hafez Attiya Al-Ashqar, Gaber Gad Nassar, Shehab El-din Ibrahim Abdel-Meguid, Mohamed Taha Mohamed El-Shazly, Maher Abdel-Fattah Hasan Youssef, Yasser Abdel-Mohaimen, Al-Sayed Gad Besyadah, Rimon Saad, Mona Gad ، Capacity :Contesters