Name : A pettition to dissolve State Security Apparatus (22774/65)

The claim was raised against: The supreme commander in-chief of armed forces, The Prime minister, The interior minister in their capacities.

The contested decision: Abstaining from the dissolution of State Security Apparatus and shutting down its headquarters all over the country.

The Ruling: Ending the dispute between the parties, and oblige the government to pay the incurred expenses.

Case no. : 22774 for the judicial year 65
Year : 2011
Litigant : Ahmed Hossam EL-din Gharbiah, Ahmed Ragheb Abdel-Sattar, Ahmed Fawzy Ahmed, Khaled Abdel-Hamid Ali, Khaled Mohamed El-Sayed, Ramy Raouf Hendy, Ziad Abdel-Hamid EL- Eliemy, Mona Ahmed Seif El-Islam, Maha Shawqy Abdel-Wahab, Mozeed Ali Hasan, Nawara Ahmed Fouad Negm, Elham Eidarous Sayed Al-Qaseer, Afifi Abdel-Maqsoud Al-Ahmar, Hend Mahmoud Abd-al-Fattah ، Capacity :Contesters

Verdict of administrative judiciary

Date :21 June, 2011
President :Kamal Zaki Abd-al-Rahman El-Lamei'y
Abdel-Meguid Ahmed Hasan Al-Moqannen
Omar Dahy Omar Dahy