Name : A challenge to cease broadcasting the two Television Satellite Channels Al-Tet and Al-Tijariyah(41852/66)

he Case was filed against: Minister of Information, Chairman of General Authority for Investment and Free Zone, head of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union’s board of trustees (ERTU), The Head of the Media Public Free Zone Administration,  Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Satellite Co. (NileSat),  Baleegh Hamdy Farag Hasan, the owner and director of Al-Tet Satellite Channel, Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression (Interfering ins solidarity)

The contested decision: Abstaining from taking the legal procedures concerning the violations incurred by Satellite Channel Al-Tet.

The Administrative Court ruling:

Case no. : 41852 for judicial year 66
Year : 2012
Litigant : Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Hady ، Capacity :Contester

Verdict of administrative judiciary

Date :16 February, 2013
President :Hasouna Tawfeeq Hasouna Mahgoub
Shaaban Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Wahab
Asham Abdullah Khalil