Name : Contest against Article 10 of Demonstrations Law

Case no. : number 160 of judiciary year number 36
Year : 2016
Litigant : Tarek Al Awadi ، Capacity :Contester


President :Abd-Al-Wahab Abd-Al-Razeq
، Constitutional commissioners’ report :

Parties contested against:

President of the Republic

Prime Minister

Interior Minister

Police Officer of Hadayek al-Qubba police station

Text Contested against:

Article 10 of Law No. 107 of 2013 concerning the organization of the right to public meetings, processions and peaceful demonstrations


“Minister of Interior or security director concerned in the case of security may acquire – views before the date fixed for the start of the general meeting or procession or demonstration – trustful information or evidence about the existence of a threat to peace and security,  they  have the right to issue a reasoned prevention of public meeting or procession or demonstration, or postponement of the decision or to transfer it to another place or to change its course, provided that the notice shall be notified to the decision-makers at least twenty-four hours in advance.


Without prejudice to the competence of the Administrative Court, providers may appeal the notice of the ban or delay to the judge of the temporary court of first instance to issue its decision promptly. “


The Court ruled that the case should not be accepted for the absence of the requirement of direct personal interest and the dismissal of the case, the confiscation of the bail, and the committed expenses and the sum of two hundred pounds against the fees of lawyers.



Decision of investigation's hearing

President :Abd-Al-Wahab Abd-Al-Razeq