Name : Contest against The Articles (4, 7, 19, 21) of the Law of Demonstrations

Articles 4, 7, 19 and 21 of the Presidential Decree No. 107 of 2013 regulating the right to public meetings, processions and peaceful demonstrations

Article 4

The demonstration is a gathering of people held in a public place or walking in more than ten persons in public roads and squares to peacefully express their views, demands or political protests.

Article 7

Participants in public meetings, processions or demonstrations are prohibited from violating security or public order, disrupting or inviting to disrupt production, disrupting the interests of citizens, harming them or preventing them from exercising their rights and actions, or affecting the course of justice, public facilities, roads, Transport, land, water or air transport, disruption of traffic, assault or endangerment of life or public or private property.

Article 19

Shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not less than two years and not exceeding five years, and a fine of not less than fifty thousand pounds and not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds or one of those two penalties any who violates the prohibition provided for in Article VII of this law.

Article 21

A person who organized a public meeting, procession or demonstration without the notification provided for in Article 8 of this law shall be punished by a fine not less than ten thousand pounds and not exceeding thirty thousand pounds.

Contested against:

President of the Republic

Prime Minister

Interior Minister

Verdict:The Court ruled that the case should not be accepted for the absence of the requirement of direct personal interest and the dismissal of the case, the confiscation of the bail, and the committed expenses and the sum of two hundred pounds against the fees of lawyers.


Case no. : number 73 judicial constitutional year number 37
Year : 2017
Litigant : Hamdi Khalifa Ahmed Solieman, Ahmed Mohamed Sayed Hussein – Contesters ، Capacity :Contesters


President :Abd-Al-Wahab Abd-Al-Razeq