Name : A lawsuit raised by CIB against Assem Abd Al-Moety and “El-Badil” journalists (2)

The Plaintiff is an employee of the International Commercial Bank who has filed a misdemeanor against the defendants incriminating the chairman and employees of the bank by publishing an article on ( El-Badil )website entitled “Warning to the Governor of the Central Bank accuses the leaders of the Commercial International Bank of aggression on public money and cover up acts of prejudice and  unethical  acts within the bank “

Case no. : 3266 of the year 2014 (Qasr El Nil Misdemeanor Court )
Year : 2014
Litigant : Waleed Mohamed Yousif ، Capacity :Plaintiff

First degree sentence

President :Ahmed Abdallah
Details :
No Name Sentence Status Accusation
defendants (1) Mohamed El Ashwal Sayed
defendants (2) Mohamed Zayed Mohamed
defendants (3) Mohamed El Sabban Ali
defendants (4) Mahmoud Lotfy El Saqa
defendants (5) Asem Abd El Moaety Soliman
defendants (6) Mohamed Ali Rezq