Name : Tanta Tax officers trial

 Prosecution: Tanta prosecution
District attorney:Mohamed Moawad
Chief of prosecution: Moustafa Hamza
Prosecution agent:Unavailable
Date of first investigation hearing:22nd Sept.2017
Decision:4 days in jail
Last date of renewal detention hearings:16th October 2017
Wording of last decision of renewal detention hearing: a release on bail of 5000 each defendant
No.of defendants: 9 defendants


Case no. : 12004 for the year 2017 (Adminstrative-Kafr AL-Zayat)
Year : 2017
Litigant : Public Prosecution ، Capacity :Prosecuting authority

Decision of investigation's hearing

Prosecutor - General :Nabil Sadeq
Chief Prosecution :Moustafa Hamza
Prosecutions :Tanta Prosecution
Details :
No Name Decision Accusation
defendants (1) Mohamed El-Hindawy Saed
defendants (2) Abdou El-Ghoniem El-dos
defendants (3) Ayman Fathy El-Sabbagh
defendants (4) Saied Ali Gamea
defendants (5) Atef Fathy
defendants (6) Mohamed Abd El-Hameed
defendants (7) Mahmoud Mohamed Zidan
defendants (8) Yasser Badry Mansour
defendants (9) Tarek Moustafa Abd El-Fattah